River Direct Services

At River Direct, we run performance-based campaigns that are highly targeted and optimized to deliver maximum ROI to our clients.

Omni-Channel Marketing

We recommend a full-funnel omni-channel approach, serving audiences ads throughout their purchase journey on TV, CTV, Online, and on Social Media to drive conversions and ROI. This will not only build brand awareness and engagement, but also target audiences that have taken specific actions, with the goal of getting them to convert.

Our agency specializes in the following:

Traditional Linear TV Campaigns

(English & US-Hispanic Markets)

  • Strategy, Planning, Launch and Execution
  • Media Buying: Long-form (30 min), Mid Form (3-5 min) & Short-Form (2 min, 1 min, 30 sec, 15 sec)
  • Media Buying on Broadcast and Cable
  • Markets: English, US Hispanic, and Canada
  • Campaign Expertise: Direct Response, Direct-to-Consumer, Lead Gen, Drive-to-Retail, Branding
  • Data collection, analytics and reporting 

Connected TV/OTT Advertising, with Cross-Device Prospecting and Retargeting

  • Reach people who are streaming/viewing OTT content via Connected TV (CTV), mobile, tablets & desktop.
  • Proprietary device graphing enables enhanced targeting on CTV – allowing marketers to reach households more likely to convert to customers.
  • Serve ads based on household/customer demographics
  • Deliver highly targeted and personalized ads to the right audience, at the right place and right time
  • Data collection, analytics and reporting 

Digital Marketing:
Paid Social, Programmatic Video & Display, and Native

  • Target and advertise to customers on Social Media platforms and anyone who is actively Online
  • Access to premium ad placement with 200+ online publishers
  • Customize creative assets to align with marketing message and target audience at each stage of the funnel
  • Drive conversions on your website, landing page and/or Amazon listing
  • Help identify new audience segments using proprietary software
  • Data collection, analytics and reporting 

Direct-to-Consumer Media Agency:

TV – CTV – Digital – Radio