Blue Microphones

Blue Microphones

Case Study

Blue Microphones

Blue Microphones

Blue Microphones teamed up with Bethesda Games and created a limited inventory product for video gamers

Promote and drive sales online and into BestBuy retail stores over a 10-day promotional period.

Reach the masses knowing 60% of  the target customers are cord cutters.


  • Collaborating with the industry’s top producer, TVA Media Group, River Direct was to provide a top-notch media plan to achieve the clients’ sales goals
  • Pre campaign audience research found the majority of Blue’s target customers do not watch linear TV and they spend most of their time playing video games and watching others play video games
  • In order to reach the demo, River offered a minimal media waste solution running a blend of linear media channels, YouTube influencer channels, a Twitch campaign, and retargeting efforts
  • Several targeting capabilities were applied on the digital media side to refine and target the audience
  • The short test period was highly successful selling out of all bundled inventory by day 7 of the 10-day period and at a very high ROAS.


Direct-to-Consumer Media Agency:

TV – Streaming – Digital – Radio