Case Study



Launch a new 3 in 1 electric grass trimmer and edger with $150+ price point.

Break consumers away from their traditional loud and heavy polluting gas power tools and convince them to go fully electric with a cleaner and quieter trimmer.


  • Utilized a 28:30 infomercial to educate and demonstrate the multiple benefits of a fully adjustable electric power trimmer.
  • Launched with Long Form (28:30) to effectively demonstrate the ease and versatility of using the Worx GT and showed how quiet and efficient the GT was compared to messy gas-powered trimmers.​
  • Media targeted a adults 25-54 demo on local broadcast, regional cable, and national cable.
  • Shorter format creatives introduced after Long Form maturity to increase exposure and drive retail sales.
  • Launched additional product lines based on the success of the principal product including seasonal products.


Direct-to-Consumer Media Agency:

TV – Streaming – Digital – Radio