Case Study


Air Purifiers – OxyPure

A Direct-to-Consumer marketer needed to adapt their product line to service a consumer need during a global pandemic.

Sell a high-end/high-ticket air purifier offline/online.

Inventory planning and management during abnormal global shipping conditions


  • Based on our expertise and knowledge in this category, we knew the exact audience and stations to target and how to maximize sales on TV and online.
  • Launched Omnichannel campaigns across various Linear TV lengths & Social Media.
  • Taking advantage of the 60% increase in TV/online viewership and quickly seized up the most cost-efficient inventory, with the biggest returns, using a generous budget.
  • Adapted strategies to continue to generate favorable client ROI after the pandemic lock downs eased up and the global marketplace went back to normal.


Direct-to-Consumer Media Agency:

TV – Streaming – Digital – Radio