Case Study

Brand: Neutrogena

TV Drives Retail Lift for the Parent Brand

Inspired by the success of Proactiv, Neutrogena wanted to drive DTC sales to a younger acne audience. We helped them embark on their first significant DTC TV effort, while keeping true to their brand-focused marketing philosophy. 


Limited TV activity from Neutrogena and no campaigns against DTC or the younger target gave us a clean baseline. Drawing on similar category experience, we created an optimized TV mix.


Using TV advertisements, we were able to generate a significant amount of web leads with a personal skin evaluation each week.  Over 6-months, we optimized the cost per lead down 70%.

Although SkinID was not available in stores (only TV and online), the 6-month campaign led to a 28% increase in total Neutrogena-branded products sold at retail.

Direct-to-Consumer Media Agency:

TV – CTV – Digital – Radio