Case Study

Jinx - Nutritional Dog Food

Nutritional Dog Food – Jinx

Client shifted sales objectives from DTC to supporting their retail launch in Walmart. They originally deployed a robust hyper targeted CTV campaign and tracked both Walmart check out activity and in store purchases but saw less than <1% lift on both.


  • Client pulled off all marketing channels and pivoted to linear television media only.
  • Campaign launched for 2 weeks at $250K to build up the brand awareness and then reduced spend to $125K/week ongoing.
  • River additionally incorporated a $50K per month Streaming plan on non targeted premium inventory to maximize impression delivery.
  • Average CPM hovered around <$9.50 and delivered ads to 268% more impressions than the hyper targeted buy that the client originally launched.


Direct-to-Consumer Media Agency:

TV – Streaming – Digital – Radio