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River Direct Runs 100% Performance-Based Campaigns

We are accountable to our clients for showing a return on their ad spend.

We Build Your Brand and Maximize Conversions Without Sacrificing ROI.

Who says you can’t make money AND build your brand at the same time?

Leading the way with 30 Years of DTC Experience


Specializing in TV, CTV, Digital and Radio


Full-funnel omni-channel approach that converts

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Meeting all challenges with tailored solutions

Client Care

Top-notch service no matter how big or small the account

All our client accounts are managed by Senior-level Account Managers, not rookies that are new to the industry. Each of our Account Managers has at least 7 years of experience managing accounts across multiple verticals, and understand the intricacies of omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Our Partners

In our extensive history, we have had the distinction of working with the top Direct-to-Consumer products and marketers, including:

Our Story

At River Direct, we know the Direct-to-Consumer industry inside and out. Our founders Dan Danielson & John Cabrinha have put together a team that specializes in direct response marketing and media buying in this space. Whether you are looking to sell your product on TV, Online, via Social Media or Connected TV/OTT, our agency is staffed with TV and Digital Marketing experts who will ensure a cohesive omni-channel marketing plan, and can get your product into the hands of consumers. Contact us today to find out more.

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